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Our policy is to provide a quiet and restful environment, therefore, no discotheque and no entertainment program. But children won't get bored on "Auf Kengert".   There is an indoor playground, a large outdoor playground on seasand and a smaller one between the pitches.   The campsite is at the border of the forest, an adventure rucksack can be borrowed to explore nature, or they can try to find the exit of the maze made out of local shrubs. Direct from the camping starts the barefoot walking track of the Syndicat d'Initiative Medernach, here you can walk with bare feet over different textures (e.g. grass, sand, stone, wood, etc) en enjoy an unique massage. 


*** 2019 : camping pitches are still available before July 20th and after August 5th
for shorter stays between July 20rd and August 5th, please contact us, and we'll look if there are short stays left.
for huts and chalets please look at the calendar for availability