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where to book a stay on “Auf Kengert”
of course you can always contact us directly, but it can be useful to include the ferry boat in your package. 
Contacts in Britain are:
Carefree Travel Service;
Call to book: 024 7767 0375
web : 

Select Site Reservations;
tel. (01606) 787636 web :


Works in the "rue de Mersch" in Larochette in 2018  

The work has begun on March 12, 2018 and is expected to be completed by the end of December 2018.

Both sides of the street, large parts of the sidewalks and the road will be affected by the works. Work will start on the upper part of the "rue de Mersch" and will continue towards the town centre in several phases.

Phase 3: from September 17th to December: lower part of the "rue de Mersch" with full closure, diversions are indicated.


We advise the guests coming from Diekirch to turn right on the N14 to Stegen towards Schrondweiler, and from there to drive to camping "Auf Kengert".

*** 2019 : camping pitches are still available before July 20th and after August 5th
for shorter stays between July 20rd and August 5th, please contact us, and we'll look if there are short stays left.
for huts and chalets please look at the calendar for availability