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and environment

Since years, we try to keep our campsite in close harmony to the environment, that is why our site is not uniform, nature has kept its rights. Some examples :

We try to separate recycling items in our daily garbage.

Some tips :


when shopping :

  • take beverages as much as possible in bottles with glass deposit, in our shop we try to offer you most beverages in value return bottles.
  • avoid whenever possible to buy P.E.T. bottles (plastic)
  • take your own bag, so there will be no need for a plastic one
  • Water from all taps on the camping is drinkable, so you don’t need to buy plastic bottles.

you can deal with your waste in the various containers at the entrance of the campsite:

  • glass.
  • tins, PET bottles and Tetrapacks
  • paper and cardboard 

batteries and sprays can be brought to reception please.

We try avoid the waste of water.

Water saving measures : 

  • the toilets have a button, which enables you to stop the water-flow.
  • taps in the sanitary buildings have an automatic closing device.
  • our cleaning products are concentrated and will be mixed to the right dosis where used.
  • – taps on the site have low pressure

Waste water : 

  • the soap powder for our washing machines is matched with the hardness of the water
  • the contents of the portable camping toilets can be emptied in a separate  flush
  • since 1969 we are connected to the water clearing of Medernach
  • the poolwater is not kept artificially clean in winter time, we let it become a green biotope
  • paths are only hardened by stones, these let rainwater keep it’s natural way to the spring wells (no soil sealing)

We try to avoid the waste of energy.

hot water :

  • all pipes with warm water are isolated
  • the boiler is limited to 60°
  • at the dish-washing area at the yellow washblock, there is only cold water, you have to get a bucket of hot water inside, this avoids unnecessary loss of warm water
  • washing machines are directly connected to hot water, in this way there is no need to warm up water with electricity. The dishwashing machines operate the same way.
  • other energy : in the kitchen we use gas for the cooking
  • we have an own ice-pack system (which can be borrowed against deposit) and this enables us to avoid energy-loss during freezing
  • most lamps work with a timer or a light-meter, where ever possible we use low-watt lamps
  • by means of a heat collector system, thw pool water is quickly warm when the weather is fine.
  • our electricity comes from green power

We have some extra nature projects.

Things like our maze, made out of local shrubs, do fit into this concept.

  • a herb-garden, where campsite guests may pick and taste.
  • We also have an “adventure rucksack” for children, which can be borrowed. In this rucksack you will find e.g. a flower-press, a booklet with the tracks of animals, a spy-glass, etc.
  • the insect hotel next to the labyrinth offers bees and other insects the opportunity to lay their eggs

You can also help us to keep nature on the campsite, thank you very much for your help !

For our efforts in recycling waste, we have been granted since 2003 with the label “Superdreckskescht fir Betriber” from the Luxembourg Ministry of Environment.

Should you have any suggestions or ideas, please contact us !


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