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The restaurant

From the menu one sees that Luxembourg is a gastronomic pleasure for real connaisseurs. In Spring and Autumn, people gather around the chimney with real log fire, in Summer on the sunny terrace.

Click below if you want to have a look at our menu. The Restaurant is open every evening between March 1st and November 8th, except for 2 weeks in the second part of September, when our cooks are on holidays.

It is also possible to have breakfast with us, please book the day before.

Kitchen is open from 17.30 till 20.30 and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 12.00 till 13.30 as well.
We ask you to book your table in advance to avoid disappointment. In Luxembourg it is forbidden to smoke in rooms where food is served. Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant, the shop and the bar. If you have special wishes for diet (e.g. gluten free), please tell us in due time so that we can compose your meal together.

Our Menu

A la carte is please with advance booking, and adhere to the agreed times and numbers. Please wait to be seated.

We ask you to order and pay for drinks and ice-cream sundaes on the terrace at the bar. Please do not move tables and chairs, otherwise the spacing will no longer be correct.

You will find information on allergens in our menu
Our menu

For children

  • 1 meat croquette
  • Spaghetti with scissors
  • 2 frankfurter sausages
  • Chicken fingers
  • pancake
  • Pipo snack

These are served with smilies or french fries and apple sauce. 


  • Dame Blanche : vanilla-icecream with warm chocolate sauce
  •  Coupe Caramel : icecream with caramelsauce
  •  Coupe Kengert : icecream with warm berries from the forest
  •  Coupe Jamaica : Rhum-Raisins icecream
  •  Mini Coupe : icecream for children
  •  Tartufo : chocolat truffel ice
  •  Café Glacé (Ice-Coffee)
  •  Irish Coffee with real Irish Whiskey
  •  Luxembourg Coffee with Père Blanc liquor

Birthday Parties

Definitely an experience

It is possible to book a birthday party for children up to 12 years, read more in the download folder.

Due to changed official safety regulations, it is no longer possible to use our swimming pool if you are not staying at the campsite.

Children's birthday party offers


For groups, family dinners, birthday parties, etc. please ask for our menu suggestions, so that you can compose your meal.
Have a look on our facebook page for special events such as Spring Brunch, Whitsun Brunch, and of course our Sauerkraut Eve during the Autumn break.

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