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Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland


FASCINATION ROCKS On a length of more than 112 km, the Mullerthal Trail passes through all the natural particularities of the Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland. Natural paths lead through forests and pastures and can be combined with impressive canyons and bizarre rock formations.  Experience life cganging moments in this wonderful natural setting!
To see the different tracks with pictures, please go to the website of the region

Luxembourg offers a luggage transfer from one overnight accomodation to the next, between 01.04. and 30.11., with a fixed price per luggage item.  Details on


and its castle

Larochette, called “Fiels” in Luxembourg language, lies in the valley of the White Ernz.  Even though it is quite small, it is no village, due to the castle it has obtain city-rights long time ago.

Already in the last century, Larochette was a popular place for travellers.  And the castle, the rock formations, the romantic place “Bleech”  and the neoroman church lost nothing of their charm.

The restored castle of Larochette is worth a visit, in fact it is a twin-castle dating from the 13th century.  Preservation works on the ruins started 1979.  During excavations at the original dungeon, remnants of a late-Celtic settlement were found.

The countryside is as beautiful as ever, too.  Even those who don’t really like walking will enjoy a stroll through the magnificent woods, like through the Manzebach valley, from Ernzen to the romantic Meysembourg castle. Different walking maps are available at the reception of Camping Auf Kengert.

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Medernach, Ermsdorf, Eppeldorf & Stegen


Did you know you were camping in Medernach ?  Camping Auf Kengert lies just upon two territories, Medernach and Larochette.  Main building, pool and sanitary block are in Medernach, the southern fields belong to Larochette.

The former agricultural village changed to handcrafts and a more industrial shape.  In the church, rebuilt in1806, you can see a magnificent Baroque altar dating back to 1700.  Over the territory of Medernach are many stone crosses, each bearing its own story.

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The first weekend of september, the local sports hall is changed into an exhibition building : you’ll be able to taste “Products from Luxembourg”.  Entrance is always free ! In our village, there are several producers of local food, you’ll find their list here.
Regional Products from this villageThe barefoot track and the motor activities park (PDF)Events



A day in Luxembourg-city, the “Gibraltar of the North” should be definitely part of your holiday programme.

Best way to do so, is to travel by train from Mersch, no hassle with car parking, you have a splendid panoramic view while entering the city and with the LuxembourgCard you combine free public transport and visits to the sights, attractions and museums.

Our tips :
Casemates: this underground tunnel system was used since 1644 for the defense of the city.  It is quite impressive and worthwile visiting.
Musée Dräi Eechelen : in this museum you will learn about the development of the city from a fortress to a modern city in an old building that was part of the fortress.
Shopping and strolling through the old city with its delightful terraces or book a city promenade, where during 2 hours a guide will lead you to most interesting points (daily starts from the City Tourist Office on place Guillaume II)
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Hiking and cycling

Mullerthal Trail This hiking track takes you for some 100 km through Mullerthal/Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland. You can start not far from the campsite. Maps and information at reception.

Organized bike tours by ProVelo the bike specialists in Luxembourg
Alle Routes in Naturpark Our in Luxemburg with topographic maps – download cards for cycling the official cycling tracks

Geocaching Worldwide We have a whole folder of information about geocaching around the campsite ready for you at reception !
GPS Track for routes by motorbike starting from the campsite
MTB Tour Larochette starting from the Campsite
Rent a Bike in Diekirch
Rent a Bike in Ettelbrück
Rent a Bike in Mullerthal with nearest-by post : the youth hostel in Larochette
Rent a Bike on the Moselle

Mullerthal Cycling has prepared cycle routes for you, roadbook to be downloaded here

Spezialangebot für Wanderer und Radfahrer

weekly- & monthly markets

& other events

Weekmarkten / weekly markets / Wochenmärkte / marchés hebdomadaires

Date Place
elke dinsdag / every tuesday / jeden Dienstag / tous les mardis Diekirch (08:00-13:00) / Luxemburg-Bonnevoie place Léon XIII (16:00-19:00)
elke dinsdag en vrijdag / every tuesday and friday / jeden Dienstag und Freitag / tous les mardis et vendredis Esch-sur-Alzette
elke donderdag / every thursday / jeden Donnerstag / tous les jeudis Dudelange
elke donderdag / every thursday / jeden Donnerstag / tous les jeudis Differdange (14:00)
elke vrijdag / every friday / jeden Freitag / tous les vendredis Ettelbrück (08:00-12:00)
elke woensdag en zaterdag / every wednesday and saturday / jeden Mittwoch und Samstag / tous les mercredis et samedis Luxembourg-ville
elke woensdag / every wednesday / jeden Mittwoch / tous les mercredis Luxembourg-Bonnevoie (place Léon XIII) (14:00)

maandelijkse markten / monthly markets / Monatsmärkte / marchés mensuels

Date Place
Easter Monday & last Thursday of September and October Larochette see
elke 2e maandag / every 2nd monday / jeden 2en Montag / tous les 2e lundis Schifflange (place de la Liberté) / Mersch (place du marché)
elke 1e dinsdag / every 1st tuesday / jeden 1en Dienstag / tous le 1e mardi Ettelbrück, parking Deich
elke 3e dinsdag / every 3rd tuesday / jeden 3en Dienstag / tous le 3e mardi Diekirch, place Guillaume
elke 1e woensdag / every 1st wednesday/ jeden 1sten Mittwoch/ tous les 1ers mercredis Petange, place JF Kennedy / Schengen, place du musée Européen
elke 2e woensdag / every 2nd wednesday / jeden 2en Mittwoch / tous le 2e mercredi Echternach, place du marché
elke 3e donderdag / every 3rd thursday / jeden 3ten Donnerstag / tous les 3e jeudis 10:00-18:00 Clervaux
elke 2e en 4e vrijdag / every 2nd and 4th friday / jeden 2en und 4en Freitag / tous les 2e et 4e vendredis Strassen (16:00)
elke 1e en 3e vrijdag / every 1st and 3rd friday / jeden 1en und 3en Freitag / tous les 1er et 3e vendredis Mamer (16:00)
elke 2e vrijdag 16:00/ every 2nd friday 16:00/ jeden 2en Freitag 16:00 / tous les 2e vendredi 16:00 Bio-Frischmarkt in Beckerich

verdere markten & events / other markets & events / weitere Märkte & Events / autres marchés et évènements

Dates 2023 Place details on :
2 April 2023
9 April 2023
Luxembourg-ville Fréijoersshopping 08:00-19:00
2 avril 2023 /
7 mai 2023 /
4 juin 2023 /
2 juillet 2023 /
1 octobre 2023 (10:00-17:00)
Luxembourg-ville (place des Glacis) garage-sale / vide-grenier
1e zondag van de maand (V-IX) / 1st sunday of the month (V-IX) / 1er Sonntag im Monat (V-IX) / 1er dimanche du mois (V-IX) Luxembourg-ville (Grund) “Konscht am Gronn”, open air kunst tentoonstelling / open air art exhibition / open air Kunstausstellung / expo artistique en plein air 10:00-18:00 |
Luxembourg-ville, place d’Armes Marché à la Brocante 08:00-18:00
Echternach Flohmarkt
10.04. (Paasmaandag / Ostermontag / Easter Monday / Lundi de Pâques) 08:00-17:00 Luxembourg-ville (Fischmarkt) & Nospelt Emaischen, Fest der Töpferei und der Keramik
14. April 2023 Grevenmacher Maacher Wäimoart (Wijnmarkt in Grevenmacher,marché du vin, Weinmarkt, wine market)
09.05. Europe-Day – Europa Tag – Jour de l’Europe – Europadag official bank holiday in Luxembourg / offizieller Feiertag in Luxemburg / jour férié officiel au Luxembourg / officiële feestdag in Luxemburg
29.04.-14.05.2023 Luxembourg Cathédrale Notre Dame Octave (jährliche Wallfahrt) mit Märtchen auf der Place Guillaume II
13.05.2023 14:00-18:00 Ettelbrück Wiichtelfest (all around the world of Wichtel little people) a lot of animation for all ages.
26.05.-29.05.2023 Clervaux Le village provençal – marché méditerranéen
Pinksterzondag / Whitsun Sunday / Pfingstsonntag / Dimanche de Pentecôte 28.05.2023 Buschdorf Helpermaart
27.-29.05.2023 (pinksteren / whitsun / Pfingsten / Pentecôte) Wiltz Geenzefest / Ginsterfest / Fête du genêt
30.05.2023 (dinsdag v. pinksteren / whitsun tuesday / Pfingstdienstag / mardi de Pentecôte) Echternach springprocessie / dancing procession / Springprozession / procession dansante
28. & 29.05.2023 Grevenmacher Wine Taste Enjoy
03.06. & 04.06.2023 Diekirch Marche Internationale de Diekirch – read more here
16.-18.06.2023 Moselle region Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg Région Moselle (& Irongirls & Ironkids)
17.06.2023 Bourglinster Kunsthandwerkermarkt
23. June (and some events already starting the evening before 22/6) National Day of Luxembourg / fête nationale au Luxembourg / Nationalfeiertag Luxemburg / nationale feestdag Luxemburg
23.06. Lellingen Open Air Konstfestival Lellgen
June 2023 ? Esch-sur-Sûre nacht van de legendes / night of the legends / Nacht der Legenden / nuit des légendes
30.06. – 02.07.2023 Ettelbrück Landbouwtentoonstelling / Agricultural Fair / Landwirtschaftliche Ausstellung / Foire agricole
30.06.-08.07.2023 Wiltz Festival de Wiltz (theater / musicals / concerts / opera / jazz …
16.07. & 23.07. Larochette Braderie & Stroossemaart
Summer 2024 ? Mersch Luxembourg Balloon Trophy Mersch
29.07. – 06.08.2023 Vianden middeleeuwse feesten / medieval feasts / Mittelalterliches Festival / fêtes médiévales
29.07. – 27.08.2023 whole Luxembourg Velosummer 2023, a summer cycling tourism programme across the country.
05.08.2023 Echternach Steam Punk Convention Echternach “Petite Marquise”
15. August 2023 Clervaux-Reilerweier Intercamping Preisfischen
23.08.-11.09.2023 Luxembourg-ville grote kermis / big funfair / grosser Rummel / grande foire foraine “Schueberfouer”
03.09.2023 Medernach Stroossemaart Lëtzebuerger Produkter
08.09.-10.09.2023 Grevenmacher Wijn- en druivenfeest / Wine and Grapes Feast / Wein- und Trauben Fest / fête du vin et du raisin
10.09.2023 Reckange (Mersch) Eenelter Maart
10.09.2023 Mountainbike Tour around Larochette VTT/MTB Club Filano   Randonnée Rogert Wirtz
16.09.-17.09.2023 Ehnen, Wormeldange, Ahn, Machtum Riesling Open
21-23.09.2023 Wiltz nacht van de lampionnen / Night of the lampions / Nacht der lampions / Nuit des lampions
16.09.& 17.09.2023 Beringen-Mersch Kürbisfest/pumpkin festival/pompoenfeest
23.09 & 24.09.2023 Fonds de Gras Anno 1900 – Steampunk Convention Luxembourg
24.09.2023 Mensdorf (Menster) Menster Quetschekiermes
laatste zondag in september | last sunday in october / letzter Sonntag im Oktober / dernier dimanche d’octobre Redange-sur-Attert Kropemannsfest
03.10. Tag der Deutschen Einheit Feiertag in Deutschland, eine gute Gelegenheit für ein verlängertes Wochenende in Luxemburg 😉
2e zondag in oktober / 2nd sunday in october / 2. Sonntag im Oktober / 2e dimanche d’octobre Vianden notenmarkt / nut-market / Nussmarkt / marché aux noix
21.10.-.03.11.2023 Munshausen Halloween, Trauliicht
05.11.2023 Munshausen Haupeschmaart : markt van de heilige Hubertus / market of Saint Hubertus / Markt der Hl. Hubertus / marché de St Hubert
04.11.-05.11.2023 Berdorf Haupeschfest : markt van de heilige Hubertus / market of Saint Hubertus / Markt der Hl. Hubertus / marché de St Hubert
04.-05.11.2023 Luxexpo The Box Grande Foire d’Antiquités et de Brocante 10:00-18:00
18.& 19.11.2023 Walferdange Walfer Bicherdeeg : dagen van het boek/days of the books/journées du livre/Büchertage
elke eerste zondag v.d. maand / all first sundays of the month / jeden ersten Sonntag im Monat / tous les premiers dimanches du mois (III-XI) Arlon Marché à la Brocante du “Vieil Arlon” 08:00-18:00

& on camping Auf Kengert

Dates 2023
01.03.2023 Campsite is open again
10.04.2023 Voorjaarsbrunch op Paasmaandag | Spring Brunch on Easter Monday | Frühlingsbrunch am Ostermontag | Fréjoersbrunch um Ouschtermeindeg – read more :
30.04.2023 blotevoetenpad & motoriekpark weer open | barefoot track open again | Barfusswanderweg und Motorikpark wieder auf | Buerfousswee & Motorikpark erëm op
29.05.2023 Pinksterbrunch op Pinkstermaandag | Whitsun Brunch on Whitsun Monday | Pfingstbrunch am Pfingstmontag | Päischtbrunch um Paischtmeindeg
11.06.2023 Mammendag
13.07.2023 Concert Fanfare Medernach 20:00
25.07.2023 Concert Jeugdfanfare BMBM 14:30
04.07.-29.08.2023 elke dinsdag | every tuesday | jeden Dienstag : Foodtruck “Lëtzeburger” 17:00-21:00
30.09.2023 blotevoetenpad & motoriekpark sluit | barefoot track closed | Barfusswanderweg und Motorikpark geschlossen | Buerfousswee & Motorikpark zou
01.10.2023 Marche Gourmande Pappendag
21.10.2023 zuurkoolavond | Sauerkraut Eve | Sauerkraut Abend | Choucroute Owend 19:00
22.10.2023 erwtensoepwandeling | pea-soup walk | Erbsensuppe Wanderung | Bulliwanderung 13:00
08.11.2023 Auf Kengert closes for the winter
Advent 2023 Adventsmaart um Camping Kengert, Detailer kommen nach no 😉