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Soon it will be autumn holidays again, and on Auf Kengert the trees are already doing their best to collect beautiful colors for their leaves.

The following activities are on the program directly at the campsite:

Saturday October 21st :the sauerkraut evening, 19:00; a feast of meat and delicious Moselle wine. Please book in time!

Sunday October 22nd : autumn walk of the Syndicat d’Initiative et du Tourisme Medernach (Aerenzdallgemeng), after the walk you will receive free pea soup and beer at the campsite as a reward.

But there is also a lot to do in Luxembourg:
30.09.&01.10. Apple-Feast in Steinsel (&07./08.10.)
01.10. Fleamarket in Remich
07/08.10. Quetschenfeest in Larochette
08.10. Hierschtsonndeg (Autumn Sunday) in Ettelbrück, all shops are open, also funfair from 23/9 till 08/10
11.10. Market in Echternach
13.10. Fresh Market in Ettelbrück
14.10. “Nuits des musées” (night of the museums) ind Luxembourg-city
15.10. Nutmarket in Vianden
15.10. Glacismarket in Luxembourg-city
15.10. Hunnefeier in Schengen on the Moselle, harvest feast
16.10. Freshmarket in Remich
17.10. Market in Diekirch
20.10. Freshmarket in Ettelbrück
21.10. Marché Brocante  place d’Armes Luxembourg-city
21.&22.10. “d’Musel brennt”: open day from the distillers of “eaux de vie” on the Moselle
21.10.-02.11. “Trauliicht-Wochen” in Munshausen (all kinds of Activities around the Luxembourg “Halloween”)
22.10. “Mantelsonndeg” in Ettelbrück, all shops are open
24.10. Market in Diekirch
26.10. Market in Larochette on the Bleech place
27.10. Freshmarket in Ettelbrück
29.10. Foire aux disques (LP & CD Market) in “Rotondes” Luxembourg-City
29.10. Exchange bourse for model trains in Steinsel
03.11. Freshmarket in Ettelbrück
03.11./05.11. Haupeschmarkt in Munshausen
04.11./05.11. Haupeschmaart in Berdorf

have a look on and and and  for details on all events.